Pełnoziarnisty omlet pieczony ze śliwkami

Wholegrain baked omlette with plums

Season for plums is blooming! It’s almost a crime to ignore them when cooking and baking in autumn. They are healthy and delicious, as well in savory meal as in sweet ones. Combined with cacao and cinnamon they are just perfect. And that’s what this wholegrain baked omlette with plums is all about! Read More

letcho with millet groats

Letcho with millet groats

Everyone knows letcho. Hungarian meal, full of paprika and tomatoes. Splendid for summer. Sometimes you make them vegetarian, sometimes you add zucchini. There are myriad variations of it. This time I decided to mix it with my beloved millet groats. And it goes together so well! Read More

Chocolate millet pudding with chia and forest fruits

Chocolate millet pudding with chia and forest fruits

Here I present you a splendid chocolate millet pudding with chia and forest fruits – black currant and raspberries, with a little bit of matcha powder. It’s a perfect breakfast – very nutritious, delicious and glamorous! Plus, its dietetic – no sugar or other unhealthy additives.   Read More

Makaron z pesto pietruszkowym i cukinią

Pasta with parsley pesto & zucchini

A perfect meal should be delicious, fast and easy to prepare and health. And this pasta with parsley pesto & zucchini it’s a perfect meal indeed! It was created out from nothing – from almost empty fridge and lack of time. And it is so tasty! Read More

Berlin is so cool

Berlin is so cool! Berlin off the beaten path

You’ve probably heard that a lot, but here it goes again – Berlin is so cool! My first impression about most of the places I’ve visited and likes was – how beautiful it is. But not with Berlin. The first and the last impression is – it is so amazingly cool, really! It’s not that Berlin isn’t beautiful at all – it is. Plenty of places remind me about Paris, some of the about Netherlands. But within it all – everything is so artistic, full of cafes, bars, small restaurants, cool people. In general – you just want to be there. Read More

Shakshouka with fava beans, corn & mozarella

Shakshouka with fava beans, corn & mozzarella

My favorite weekend breakfast. The basis of Shakshouka are tomatoes and eggs, but there can be thousands of its versions. And that’s what I love it for. You can adjust it to yourself, to the weather, to your mood and to seasonal vegetables. Mind you, shakshouka means a mixture in Tunisian Arabic and both in Tunisia and Israel, where it became immensely popular, its composition changes seasonally. It is most delicious when eaten straight from the frying pan, with fresh bread you can dip in the sauce. My variation diverges quite significantly from its Tunisian original, but a bit of cumin gives an oriental flavor to the vegetables. Well, let’s get the pans start to fry! Read More

Bulgur salad with cauliflower, chickpeas and currant

Bulgur salad with cauliflower, chickpeas and currant

I really really wanted roasted cauliflower. And I really really wanted to try roasted chickpeas. And I was really really in the mood for bulgur. Plus, I had some currant in the fringe. So why not to combine all of it together? I found out that this combination is fantastic. I added some Indian spices, but thanks to the lemon juice and delicious redcurrant it’s also very refreshing, which makes it a perfect summer salad. Read More

urowe ciasto kokosowo czekoladowe

Raw vegan coconut chocolate cake with forest fruits

This is my latest and greatest discovery. Cake, that you can do within seconds, without baking, gluten-free, sugar-free and full of healthy, nutritious ingredients. Cake, that disappears completely after minutes, cause you just can’t stop after one piece (therefore I wasn’t able to take the photo when it was still untouched).  In general – just a perfect cake. Read More

Matcha chia pudding with millet groats

Matcha chia pudding with millet groats

Since I always have problems deciding what I want, I try to combine my favorite things in one meal. This time I wanted all my favorite thins – millet groats and chia pudding. So I thought – why not try to put them together? Plus, I wanted something to energize me, to added some matcha powder to the pudding – that’s why it’s so wonderfully green. And matcha tea works a bit like coffee, so it really is all in one! And of course my beloved raspberries – cause I can’t imagine sweet breakfasts without fruits! Read More

Curry with fava beans, tofu and chickpeas

Curry with fava beans, tofu and chickpeas

My ultimate love to fava beans it’s already almost a commonly known fact. Therefore don’t be surprised to see yet another recipe where those green lovely beans are the main star. Of course I didn’t want it to feel lonely so I combined it with chickpeas, tofu, kale and zucchini. A perfect company, dancing together among aromatic curry sauce.  Read More